Otamatone: One of the musical instruments for children that adults buy for themselves!

There is something curious about musical instruments for children that we, adults, like to explore and have fun with. We can find a good deal of hilarious fail recorder videos made by adults that can make us laugh for weeks.… Continue Reading


5 Cool guitar accessories you should definitely have!

guitar accessory

Reading through the internet, i found out that many beginner guitarist don’t know which accessories they should get or what to use. So i made a short list of essential and cheap guitar accessories every guitarist should have. A brief… Continue Reading


Weird songs for Valentine’s day you should never ever play!

Oh! can you smell that? it’s bullshit love, love in the air. Happy Valentine’s day!! What a lovely day for love, friendship, and… parental advisory: explicit content. I bet you’re setting all up for your date, but you’re missing something important!… Continue Reading