Hohner Harmonicas: Everything you need to know about the Special 20 Harmonica

hohner harmonica

Harmonicas are a very interesting instrument. Did you know that harmonicas are the world’s best-selling instrument? It’s because they’re awesome! So if you’re into blues, country, rock, folk, or jazz, you probably are familiar with harmonicas. And if you’re reading… Continue Reading


How to be a Bad Musician: Bass Player

Welcome to another musician’s massacre where i’ll be exposing every bad habit, every pointless attitude, and every stupid thing musicians do. And this post’s victim is a type of musician that has it very easy to be a bad, terrible,… Continue Reading


What is Texture in Music?

what is texture in music

What does texture mean in music? This is a question we all ask ourselves when we study musical forms, analysis, compositions or arrangements. Knowing the different textures in music will help us understand the composer’s intentions when writing a piece,… Continue Reading